The Ministry invites participants for two lectures: on current trends and segments relevant to tourism in Israel in the post-COVID-19 era at, and also a a lecture on “The Leading Leader” by Doron Liebstein, who for the past 15 years has accompanied the leading mentors in Israel and around the world, at


Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Amir HaLevi, has said: “The Ministry of Tourism is currently working on the day after the crisis. We are planning future campaigns, which will start moving the wheels of the industry, from domestic tourism as soon as possible, to the recovery of inbound tourism and overseas campaigns. 23 overseas offices are now working on maintaining relationships with agents, wholesalers, tourism companies and airlines, in order to start at a better point the business activity to end the crisis”.


The Ministry of Tourism believes that it will take time to return to its peak, before tourism reached Israel before the COVID-19 crisis, but are optimistic about the resilience and capabilities of the entire industry and believe that those who are now preparing themselves well will emerge better and faster than the crisis”.