Elevator In Netanya
Work has commenced to build an elevator on the city’s southern promenade, by Island Suites Hotel and Ramada Netanya Hotels & Suites, reaching a height of 33 meters. The project, initiated by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and Municipality of Netanya, will be carried out by the Israel Government Tourism Company at an investment of around 16 ILS million (approximately $4.56 million). The transparent elevator tower, which will operate two elevators, connects to the promenade along a 50 meter observation bridge with a lookout balcony. The new project joins the existing beach elevator on the Rishonim Promenade, already open to the public.  

A new seven acre entertainment compound was inaugurated last year, south of Netanya, as a visitor center for science, space and Japanese culture. The site has a digital planetarium with visualization and screening equipment, a science park, ecological pools, Japanese garden, conference hall, study workshops and offers a range of activities throughout the year. Japanese cultural initiatives are held in cooperation with Israel-Japan Friendship Association, sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in a bid to showcase Japanese tradition and culture.

The Cinema City
Cinema City, one of Israel’s movie theater networks, opened a new 12,000m² complex near Netanya Stadium last year, screening the latest international movies. Two VIP halls offer adjustable chairs, with access to a lounge serving a range of sweet and savory snacks, and hot, cold and alcoholic beverages prior to the screening. The entertainment site has restaurants, cafes, and an outlet with fashion, beauty and lifestyle stores and also provides 800 free parking spaces.

Netanya Skatepark
Last year, the Municipality of Netanya, through the Netanya Tourism and Development Company, introduced the Netanya Skatepark, a sports and recreation site located in the Winter Park Lake. The area provides a range of skating apparatus, ramps and observation points, in addition to landscape and shaded areas. The park is open daily.