The Tel Aviv Pride Parade marked the climax of the annual Pride Month celebrations in the city, taking place every June since 1998 and attracting hundreds of thousands of Israelis and foreign visitors who join the citywide festivities every June.
The parade, widely recognized as one of the world’s leading LGBTQ+ events and the largest event of its kind in the Middle East, returned in its mass-participant format courtesy of Israel’s high vaccination rates and lifting of all restrictions on public and private gatherings.
Tens of thousands of participants joined the parade at midday as it commenced at Tel Aviv’s Gordon Beach, before continuing southwards along the seafront promenade and culminating at Charles Clore Park – where a huge party overlooking Jaffa and the Mediterranean Sea hosted performances by leading artists on two main stages.
Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo: “I am delighted to be here and celebrate with you again! LGBTQ+ rights are not simply a matter for the gay community. They are a matter of democracy and humanity. I wish everyone a wonderful Pride Month. Let’s always meet on such happy occasions!”
Sharon Landes-Fischer, CEO of Tel Aviv Global & Tourism: “Tel Aviv Pride came roaring back today, reminding the world that our city is the leading LGBTQ+ destination in the Middle East. This year’s parade had added significance, with tens of thousands reunited as we return to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic. We are already looking forward to June 2022 when all our friends from overseas will join us along the parade route again. See you soon in Tel Aviv-Yafo.”
Pride festivities will continue throughout this final weekend of June, with tens of thousands of partygoers joining major after-parties, including one featuring internationally celebrated DJ and gay icon Offer Nissim.
This year, the slogan “A Community That Creates Change” has been at the center of the Pride Month events, born of the desire to strengthen social involvement and shared activities within LGBTQ community groups and wider society.

Photo: Guy Yechiely