Israel has changed its visa application process for tourists visiting from India and the subcontinent. Applicants who hold a visa, entry and exit stamps for the USA, Canada, Australia and Schengen countries are no longer required to produce documentation including flight tickets, hotel confirmation and a bank statement.

Director of the Israel Ministry of Tourism, India Hassan Madah said: “This is an initiative we have been on working very closely with the Interior Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry to introduce in India and I am happy to see this change for the Indian travelers who wish to travel to Israel. Easing the visa requirements will not only make the application process faster, I am confident it will also increase travel to Israel as well.”

Madah also said the new process will speed up applications, in a bid to attract more Indian tourists to Israel. “We are also working on an express service with VFS which will be introduced soon. In addition to this, we are working towards e-visa processing as well as easing the group visa process.”

 According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, approximately 55,000 Indians entered Israel between January and November 2017. In addition, the first ten months of the year saw a 34 percent increase in Indian tourist arrivals compared to the same period in 2016.

Visa applications can be processed through VFS processing centers across India for the Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai and Bengaluru, in addition to the Embassy of Israel in Delhi. Express visa services are in the works and will be introduced at a later date for an additional fee.

Image: Director of the Israel Ministry of Tourism, India, Hassan Madah