Tel Aviv-Yafo has declared itself ready for the return of international tourists, promising a safe and exceptional urban experience for new and returning visitors alike.

Following the State of Israel’s world-leading COVID-19 vaccination campaign and scheduled reopening to foreign tourists on May 23, the city has launched an international video campaign titled “Tel Aviv – We’re Getting There.”

The humorous social media video campaign shows Tel Aviv-Yafo’s final preparations for the return of visitors, including a lifeguard perfecting the salinity of the sea, a hotel cleaner fine-tuning her pillow chocolate placement, and even an art museum guard refining his “shush” technique.

The video can be viewed and downloaded here:

Tel Aviv-Yafo has returned to its vibrant self in recent weeks and months, with all tourist attractions across the “Nonstop City” opening their doors and residents filling the city’s restaurants, bars, museums and theaters.

Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo: “Dear tourists, we have missed you! Incoming tourism is an integral part of the identity of Tel Aviv-Yafo, and I am excited to host you again soon. Beyond offering an outstanding urban, cultural and culinary experience, as a vaccinated city we understand the extent of our responsibility at this time. Your safety and health is a top priority for the city’s entire tourism industry. Alongside international-standard service and hospitality, we will do everything to ensure that you have fun and return home safely.”

Sharon Landes-Fischer, CEO of Tel Aviv Global & Tourism: “Tel Aviv-Yafo, the Nonstop City, is back in business. Thanks to our world-leading vaccination campaign, we are ready to welcome back international visitors to our city. As we bid farewell to COVID-19, we say ‘shalom’ and welcome to the return of the world’s languages to our streets. See you soon in Tel Aviv-Yafo.”

As travelers plan their first international post-coronavirus journeys, the city understands that visitor confidence regarding health and safety will be their highest priority while abroad.

Today, more than 80% of eligible recipients in Tel Aviv-Yafo are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, offering safe experiences and interactions across the city. Entry into hotels, restaurants, nightlife institutions and other crowded attractions is dependent on proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

For those who prefer to spend their time outside, Tel Aviv-Yafo’s warm, Mediterranean year-round climate enables visitors to spend their time enjoying the city’s outdoors tourist attractions – including a 14-kilometer stretch of Mediterranean white sandy beaches, sprawling boulevards, and over 300 days of sunshine every year.

Reflecting the wide range of tourist attractions on offer, Tel Aviv-Yafo has also launched an Instagram filter calling on potential visitors to discover their next vacation in the city. From a beach break to historical experiences, culinary excellence and culture, the filter highlights the many aspects of a visit to the city.

The filter can be downloaded here:

Tel Aviv-Yafo enjoyed a record-breaking year of tourism prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, hosting almost 3.8 million overnight stays in local hotels in 2019, and registering an average occupancy rate of 76%. Incoming tourism contributed $1.34 billion to the local economy in 2019.

Almost three-quarters (74%) of all foreign arrivals in Israel visited Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2019, according to data shared by the Ministry of Tourism.

Refusing to stand still and wait for tourists to return, the city has taken advantage of the past year to accelerate investment in and upgrades to its tourism infrastructure and experience. Despite limits on travel, new hotels have opened across the city – closing the gap between supply and tourist demand.

In addition to the return of visitors from traditional tourism markets, the city is greatly looking forward to hosting groups and individual tourists arriving for the first time from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco.