In the coming weeks, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality will add 11 pedestrian streets joining existing pedestrian streets such as Levinski and Sheinkin. Expanding these zones in the city is part of an overall urban policy that prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists and encourages local trade.
Tel Aviv- Yafo Mayor, Ron Huldai: “Creating pedestrian streets in the city is part of an overall policy that places pedestrians, personal transportation vehicles and public transportation at the center. As part of this policy, this year we are paving dozens of kilometers of new bicycle paths; developing light rail lines; expanded public transportation networks; improving shade and renovating dozens of kilometers of sidewalks. In the past year, we have converted Levinski Street into a pedestrian zone and shut Sheinkin Street to vehicle traffic on Fridays, and the public has voted with their feet – in both senses of the phrase”.
The additional 11 streets that will be converted into pedestrian streets are all commercial streets, some of which will also be decked with chairs and street furniture. The new pedestrian streets will benefit the many residents and visitors who will walk in safe, accessible and welcoming urban spaces thereby making it easier to maintain social distancing
The streets that will gradually be converted into pedestrian streets in the coming month are:
• Ishtori HaParhi St. – converting the street into a pedestrian street and connecting it to Basel Square which will boost the surrounding businesses.
•Nahalat Binyamin St. – The section between Kalischer St. and Rothschild Blvd. will become a pedestrian street with the aim of expanding the pedestrian and cyclist zone in the Allenby area as well as expanding the zone used by businesses in the area.
•Ha’Arba’a St. – The section between Carlebach and Leonardo Da Vinci Streets will become a pedestrian zone and will include a common public area and bicycle lanes.
•Florentin St. – The pedestrian zone will be spread between Ben-Atar, Hayyim Vital- Cordovero/ Frankel Streets. The nightlife businesses in the area will receive more space.
•Ha’Aliya HaShniya Esp – Will function as a pedestrian street during weekends only.
•Daniyel St. – The area between Carmel and Herbert Samuel Street will become a pedestrian zone, thereby connecting the Carmelit Terminal to the beach.
•Alluf Batslut St. – The area between Nahalat Binyamin and HaShuk Streets will improve the public area in Florentin.
•Yisra’el Najara St.- Closing the street for traffic will boost the businesses in the Yemenite Quarter. The conversion is in anticipation of the expected closure of the street during the construction work for the purple light rail line that will start in a few months.
•Bet HaBad Lane- The lane will become open to pedestrians only during the evening hours.

•Yose Ben Yose St.- The street will be converted into a 24/7 pedestrian street.
•Sgulla St. Pedestrian street in Yafo.
In addition, the Municipality plans to expand existing pedestrian streets:
• Sheinkin pedestrian mall- increasing the pedestrians/cyclists activity times on Friday mornings and afternoons between Rothschild and Allenby streets.
• Levinski Street-the area between HaShuk and Herzl Streets, will become a 24/7 pedestrian street.
The streets will be open strictly for pedestrians and cyclists and will follow these guidelines:
-Cars will be allowed to drive through the intersecting streets
-Bicycles will be allowed to ride in the pedestrian zones
-Loading and unloading zones used by businesses will be modified upon requests
-Cars will not be able to park in front of businesses
-Restaurants and bars will be able to place tables and chairs on the streets, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Municipality
The Municipality has begun advisory and informational activities among residents and business owners in these areas, before starting the gradual conversion into pedestrian streets.