About 10,000 marchers participated at the 67th Jerusalem march. The marchers left at 7 am from Ammunition Hill for the 12 km long route. At 7:30 they joined the marchers on the medium route of 9 km on Mount Scopus and then they continued and met the family marchers at Safra Square at 8:00.

From Safra Square, the march route continued for an additional 4 km through the Jaffa Gate, Mount Zion, Gai Ben Hinnom, Yamin Moshe, Talvia and Rachabia to a huge, free and open event for everyone at Saker Park in which approximately 10,000 more people participated.

The colorful and international parade started at 15:00 with the participation of about 7,000 marchers, 4,000 of them from abroad. The colorful parade went from the House of the People (Gerard Becher) to the station complex led by the mayor and with the participation of thousands of tourists from the world dressed in the best traditional costumes next to giant puppets that were built Inspired by the people of the market and the city.

Large groups of marchers from workplaces such as El Al, the Aerospace Industry and IDF retirees participated in the festive parade, as well as a group of blind marchers and giant puppets inspired by the people of Jerusalem and the market that the marchers and cheerleaders participated in operating. About 10,000 people cheered the marchers along the route.