The Tourism Ministry is working on a plan to allow vaccinated tourists into Israel starting from November. A spokesperson from the Ministry said that the proposed outline is currently being examined by the Health Ministry.
The goal is to allow foreign nationals who are inoculated with a vaccine recognized by the ministry and who hold their country’s green pass to visit Israel.
Israeli borders have been closed to foreign nationals for a year and a half, with very limited exceptions.
As the pandemic abated in the spring, the country reopened its skies to a limited number of vaccinated tourist groups, at the beginning of June, and prepared to do the same for individuals in July. However, after coronavirus cases started to climb again, the plan was postponed until the beginning of July before it was put on hold indefinitely.
As the outbreak intensified in August and travelers from the vast majority of the countries were required to enter quarantine, also group tourism came to a halt.
The program was renewed from September 19, requiring members of groups to meet the new vaccination requirements (proof of a second vaccination received within the last six months or of a third vaccination.