As part of the reopening of incoming tourism to Israel, last night (Sunday) the COVID-19 cabinet approved in a telephone poll the outline of the groups initiated by Tourism MinisterYoel Razvozov and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz.
According to the new plan, which will take effect tomorrow (November 9, 2021), groups of tourists vaccinated with two vaccines will be allowed to enter Israel even if more than six months have passed since the date of vaccination, if they meet the following conditions:
• An entry permit was received from the Ministry of Tourism prior to arrival in Israel.
• Group members come from “green” and “yellow” countries according to the Ministry of Health classification.
• The group will be run as a capsule, with restrictions on walking around in places with an increased risk of infection.
• The groups will count 5 to 40 tourists.
• During the first 7 days of their stay, the unprotected tourists in the group will hold at any time a confirmation of a negative result in a PCR test performed during the last 72 hours or a negative result in an antigen test performed during the last 24 hours.
• The group leader will report to the Ministry of Tourism on the performance of the tests as required and will also keep a record of the group’s conduct, contacts, places and visiting hours, and will give it to an epidemiological researcher if a patient is found in the group.
Tourism Minister, Yoel Rezbozov: “A week ago, we set out and we are already up and running, removing restrictions and approving more tourists to enter Israel. The road to returning tourists is still long, so we must act quickly and correctly to increase the number of tourists to Israel. Tourism needs this. Now that this outline of the tourist groups in the government has been approved, the outline requires the approval of the Knesset’s Constitution Committee, after which it will take effect immediately.”
Health Minister, Nitzan Horowitz: “In accordance with our policy throughout, we will also live alongside the COVID-19 in tourism. We take all precautions and controls in order to maintain public health and identify new variants quickly. At the same time, we maintain the Israeli economy, economic activity, education, culture, tourism and the routine of life in Israel”.