The “White Night” is regarded as one of the city’s largest cultural events. The all-night celebration features performances, music shows from dusk until dawn, all-night museum access, yoga at sunrise, and much more.

Launched on June 17 through digital platforms, the “White Night” campaign, produced by Tel Aviv Global & Tourism, draws inspiration from the popular social media trend of emulating Wes Anderson’s distinctive cinematic style. Anderson, known for his unique eccentricity, visual finesse, and narrative style, serves as a creative influence for the campaign, in order to attract art aficionados and culture connoisseurs to the city and the “White Night” festival. The promotional video shows the campaign’s protagonist navigating through the iconic “White City” of Tel Aviv, adorned with stunning Bauhaus architecture. The video also displays Anderson-esque elements, such as meticulous symmetry, precise camera movements, and signature color palettes reminiscent of his films.

The tradition of the “White Night” celebration originated in July 2003 when UNESCO recognized Tel Aviv as the “White City,” an urban treasure blending historical significance and architectural uniqueness, earning it the status of a World Heritage Site. Tel Aviv’s city center houses the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus buildings, solidifying its distinct position in the realm of modern architecture. This heritage distinction intertwined with Tel Aviv’s reputation as the “Non-stop city”, combined to give rise to the all-night celebration that has become known as “White Night”.

This year, “White Night” will happen on June 29th as Tel Aviv proudly commemorates 20 years since receiving the UNESCO designation. Explore the campaign