Israel’s Dead Sea is world famous for its buoyant waters, healthy minerals, healing mud and fantastic views. Now, Israel can add another wondrous element to the Dead Sea region, after Israeli researchers discovered the Malham Cave in the Dead Sea’s Mount Sodom area, measuring 10 kilometers long.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, Malham was initially discovered back in the 1980’s. Further expeditions surveyed Mount Sodom and found more than 100 different salt caves inside, the longest of which measured 5,685 meters. Subsequent carbon-14 tests dated the cave at 7,000 years old, and that successive rainstorms created new passages to explore.

Malham is the world’s first salt cave to reach a double-digit length; previously the longest cave was only 6,580 meters and the title of world’s longest cave was held by Iran’s Cave of the Three Nudes on Qeshm Island.