The war that began on October 7th, 2023, continues to affect the decision of tourists who want to come to Israel.

In April 2024, only about 80 thousand tourists arrived in Israel, compared to about 355 thousand in April last year.

Since the beginning of the year, only about 288,000 visitor arrivals were recorded compared to about 1.3 in the corresponding period last year, January-April 2023

From the analysis of the seasonally adjusted data of tourist arrivals by air, it appears that in the last three months, February-April 2024, an average of 69.1 thousand arrivals per month were recorded, compared to an average of 56.7 thousand arrivals per month in the three months preceding them, November 2023-January 2024.

74.1 thousand tourists arrived by air and another 6,000 by land, with 3,800 entering through the Allenby Bridge crossing, 300 through the Rabin crossing, 900 through the Jordan River, and another thousand through the Taba crossing.