An increase in the number of passengers at Ben Gurion Airport this week..

According to data from the Airports Authority, during Sunday (February 11th, 2024) approximately 29,500 passengers passed through Ben Gurion on 169 incoming and outgoing international flights.

In total, about 15,800 passengers left on international flights and about 13,700 passengers entered Israel.

This is a peak in passenger traffic since the beginning of the war, and a figure very similar to that of last Thursday, when 29,500 people passed through Israel, and this is the first time since the war in October that the numbers are relatively high. It should be noted that at the beginning of a week – more than in the middle of the week.

As a reminder, last Thursday, the Greek Blue Bird company that renewed its flights to Israel with 9 flights on the Athens Tel Aviv route, also renewed its flights to Larnaca, Cyprus.

The main reason for the increase in passenger traffic is the return of foreign airlines to operations in Bulgaria, which continues.

The Airports Authority recommends following the latest flight schedule on the Airports Authority website and at the airlines.