El Al announced the addition of flights to various destinations in the United States. The addition of flights to the country is possible, among other things, following the cessation of flights to South Africa, as the planes that will be used for the flights to Johannesburg will be operated on flights to Los Angeles and Boston. In total, El Al will operate more than 50 flights a week to the USA: 6 flights a day to New York, 8 flights a week to Los Angeles, 4 flights a week to Boston and 6 flights a week to Miami.

One of the reasons for adding the flights to Boston is the cooperation between the Israeli airline and Delta, which will allow passengers in the city to continue to many onward destinations within the USA, Mexico, other destinations in Central America and more, in a structured connection with the American airline.

One of Delta’s hubs is in Boston, which should allow for a very wide variety of onward destinations for those landing at the destination. Los Angeles, the farthest destination for El Al, is considered highly sought after both due to the fact that it has a very large Jewish and Israeli community, and also due to being an attractive destination for many tourists.

Shlomi Zafrani, El Al’s VP of Commerce and Aviation Relations, said: “Since the outbreak of the war, El Al has condensed its flight schedule to the USA in order to continue to maintain the air bridge to a destination that is such a significant main artery for the State of Israel. We are continuing the expansion trend in the USA also for the summer season. Los Angeles and Boston are major destinations that are characterized by extensive Jewish and Israeli communities, a business and cultural center and connection points for onward flights to a variety of destinations across the continent. The expansion of the routes to them, following the addition of flights to New York and Florida, is adapted to the rising demand from customers, and shows a trend of active traffic from Israel to the USA and back. We continue to increase the routes as much as possible to answer our customers”.