In a significant development, Israel made an announcement this week, declaring itself “now open for tourism”. Over the past few months, the region’s conflict, with Israel at its epicentre, rendered the country virtually and technically off-limits for tourists.

As per the latest news reports, flights to Tel Aviv were suspended during this period, but airlines are now gradually resuming services. Also, it’s reported that Air India will recommence its nonstop flights between Delhi and Tel Aviv five times a week starting from May 16.

Pini Shani, Israel Tourism’s Deputy Director-General and Head of Marketing Administration, reflected on the recent events, particularly the events of October 7, 2023, in the Gaza area. He expressed optimism about the resurgence of tourism in Israel, noting that Ben Gurion Airport is now fully operational.

Reports further added that major cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, and Galilee are now bustling with activity day and night, and attracting thousands of tourists who come to express solidarity, pray, visit, and enjoy the attractions of the ‘land of milk and honey. Shani further added that this influx of tourists encourages and strengthens the Israeli public’s desire to resume touring and travelling.

As regarding safety which remains a top priority for Israel, Shani reassured potential visitors that all tourist areas, including Jerusalem, Galilee, Tiberias, Negev, Dead Sea, and Eilat, are completely safe. He encouraged tourists to join in demonstrating that the tourism industry serves as a bridge between people and contributes to peace.

This declaration of Israel being open for tourism marks a significant step towards the country’s recovery from recent adversities. It signals a renewed sense of optimism within the tourism industry. As travellers once again flock to Israel’s historic sites, vibrant cities, and picturesque landscapes, they contribute not only to the country’s economy, but also to the promotion of peace and understanding among nations.