Europe dominated this year’s list of Reader’s Choice Awards winners for the world’s best countries to travel to, and Israel reaching number 8 in the world Top-10 places to visit, matching what we were hearing anecdotally (and seeing on Instagram) about where travelers have been choosing to go. Here are the best countries in the world, according to you.

A staggering 526,518 of you answered Condé Nast annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey:


  1. Japan 92.43
  2. Italy 91.43
  3. Greece 91.16
  4. Ireland 90.75
  5. New Zealand 90.43
  6. Spain 90.39
  7. Portugal 90.34
  8. Israel 90.04
  9. Norway 90.01
  10. Switzerland 89.98
  11. Turkey 89.79
  12. Australia 89.38
  13. Iceland 89.10
  14. Croatia 89.09
  15. Germany 89.03
  16. United Kingdom 88.96
  17. South Africa 88.79
  18. Austria 88.74
  19. Sri Lanka 88.36
  20. France 88.35

As quoted in : “With a war between Israel and Hamas plunging the area into chaos and uncertainty, the region looks quite different than it did during the Readers’ Choice Awards voting process—and depending on where you’re traveling, may need to be avoided until the situation on the ground changes. But before the latest conflict, Israel had been attracting travelers by investing in future developments while keeping an eye firmly on its past: Archaeologists, for instance, recently uncovered a 2,000-year-old synagogue in the ancient city of Migdal; Tel Ashkelon, the largest Roman-era basilica in the Middle East, has also been undergoing restoration. In Jerusalem, a vibrant dining scene emerged, including in the winding alleyways of Machane Yehuda Market, while Bauhaus-rich Tel Aviv has added a slew of new hotel properties to its design-forward repertoire. As experts recently told readers in our update on the region, it’s best to postpone trips, not cancel them: “Do not give up on visiting Israel,” said Susan Weissberg from Wyllys Professional Travel. “It is the most fascinating country in the world, no matter what your religion is, and this too shall pass”.

A few weeks ago Condé Nast chief executive, Roger Lynch, was interviewed regarding the war against Israel: “As we have all been witness to the brutal attacks committed on Saturday, and as the reporting continues to show the magnitude of the atrocities, I want to be very clear that we as a company condemn the attack by Hamas against Israel, as well as all acts of terrorism,” Lynch wrote. “Our priority is to support all of our employees and we will continue to add resources in our markets to do so … we are here for you”.