The board of directors of the Israir Group company approved the subsidiary company, Israir, to purchase an Airbus 320 plane which the company is currently leasing, after not reaching an understanding for the continuation of the lease.

Israir, which flew about a million passengers last year, estimates that the price it will pay will be between 25-30 million dollars. The company must transfer to the selling company an advance of about 2 million dollars within two days.

The company states that it sees the purchase of the aircraft as an opportunity to improve the company’s operating profit and cash flow during the year 2024. The company also adds that it examined several alternatives for the purchase of the aircraft and came to the conclusion that the purchase of the aircraft is the best step.

After the purchase of the Bio plane, Israir owns three Airbus 320 planes. In addition, the company operates three more planes on long-term lease.