Israel national airport is being filled with passengers coming from abroad or taking off for a vacation overseas. This week, another record was broken in passenger traffic, when approximately 49,400 passengers went through the airport during the day on 304 international flights. This coming Sunday, the 50,000-passenger mark is expected to be crossed, with 52,000 passengers expected to pass through the airport. The busiest day in the airport is expected to be Sunday, April 21, with about 60,000 passengers. Additional peak days are expected to be on Thursdays April 19th and April 24th. In total, about 1.2 million passengers are expected to pass through the airport during the holiday.

The Ministry of Transportation, the Airports Authority and the management of the National Airport Authority of Israel are preparing for the increased passenger traffic during the Passover holiday. According to the demand of the Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev, the number of employees in Terminal 3 will be increased and on all days of the holiday there will be a full presence of senior managers in the terminal, with an emphasis on the days when peak loads are expected.

“Although the fighting in Gaza and the northern border still continues, the Ministry of Transportation is resolutely promoting the return to normal air traffic to and from Israel”, said the Minister of Transportation.  “I am happy to see that our efforts are bearing fruit and that more airlines have returned to us for Passover, and are allowing all Israeli residents, and especially the reservists, to go and refresh themselves abroad. Together with the entire nation of Israel, I pray for the speedy return of all the abductees ahead of the holiday of freedom, and that we will be able to celebrate the Passover night together with them”.