Karin Spozhnikov: Deputy Director of Human Resources, Vert Lagoon Netanya

Karin started her career in the hotel industry in the “Accor” chain – at the Migdal David hotel in Netanya, where she worked in the food and beverage department and also at the reception for two years. As a bachelor’s student in behavioral sciences and human resources, she began working for the “Fattal” network as a human resources coordinator at the NYX Herzliya hotel. She currently has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences and human resources and a master’s degree in business administration and marketing. In February 2022, she joined the network as a human resources coordinator, and in March 2024, she was appointed deputy director of human resources.

Avichai Ben Aderet: Deputy Director of Security, Vert Lagoon Netanya

Avichai began his career in the hotel industry at the West Lagoon Hotel in Netanya, where he worked as a supervisor for two years. With the move to the Africa Israel Hotels chain, Avichai remained at the hotel as a supervisor and was promoted to the position of supervisor. Avichai graduated as a civil engineer at Rupin College. In February 2024 Appointed Deputy Director of Security at the Vert Lagoon Hotel in Netanya.

Vered Elbar: Guest relations manager, Vert Lagoon Netanya

Vered, 45 years old, mother of 3 children. She started her hotel career in the Tamara’s chain as a hostess and assistant guest relations manager. In addition, she worked for about a year in the reception department. In March, she was appointed director of guest relations at the hotel.


Maria Mativinko: Director of Lobby, Vert Lagoon Netanya

Maria is 41 years old, married. A psychologist by training. Loves to be in constant motion, learn, develop and work with people, excels in organization and management. Immigrated from Russia 8 years ago. After graduating from the studio, she started working at the Onot Hotel in Netanya, and fell in love with the hotel industry. She started her career in the industry as a waitress and today serves as the hotel’s lobby manager.

Anna Kazatsky: Kitchen Manager, Bay View Haifa

Anna has over 20 years of experience in managing and operating kitchens. She started her career at the hotel as a hot line cook in March 2022, a few months after immigrating from Ukraine. She acquired her rich experience in countless well-known restaurants where she worked alongside top chefs in Ukraine, Moscow, Germany and more. At the same time, she successfully completed her business administration studies with specialization in restaurants and hotels. Due to her professional abilities and her leadership skills, she was able to advance and serve as a pastry chef for a chain of restaurants in Odessa. In February 2024, she was appointed kitchen manager after serving for about a year as an acting chef. Anna is known at the hotel as an artist of Georgian dishes…and these days she even conducts workshops for evacuees.