The annual international tourism exhibition: IMTM 2024 (International Mediterranean Tourism Market) will mark its 30th anniversary, and will return in order to help and restore tourism.

Hundreds of booths from a large number of countries from around the world are expected to arrive this year as well. The foreign airlines are returning their flights to Israel, which is happy and optimistic news for the organizers of the exhibition.

Following the war, outbound domestic tourism was almost completely stopped, and the existence of the IMTM exhibition is part of the restoration of the tourism industry, which needs more than ever a start-up booster. Despite the war, there is also a great demand from the countries of the world to participate in the IMTM tourism exhibition that wish to attract the Israeli tourist, and a large number of countries are expected to participate, including Sri Lanka, Ghana, Romania and Azerbaijan.

In the last few days, we were informed that the Dutch airline KLM plans to resume its flights between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, Air France announced an increase in the frequency of flights on the Tel Aviv-Paris line. The giant Lufthansa group, which includes Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss, will increase the frequency of flights to and from Israel. In addition, Cyprus Airways, the national airline of Cyprus announced the return of the flight line between Tel Aviv and Larnaca and the low-cost company FlyOne from Moldova will operate a line from Tel Aviv to Chisinau. Moreover, Fly Dubai is increasing its flights to Israel due to growing demand, and United Airlines is bringing back flights from Tel Aviv to the US. So far, several leading airlines have returned: British Airways, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Ryanair, Wizz Air, American Airlines, Delta, Pegasus Airlines and more.

Eyal Shmueli, publisher of I.T.N. and IMTM exhibition projects: “Despite the war, we see more and more countries returning to operate their flights to Israel and this is good news for tourism entering Israel and optimism for the IMTM tourism exhibition. We see that as time goes by, the tourism industry is trying to come back to itself, and also old international companies are returning to operate in Israel. The countries of the world have seen Israel for years as a strategic goal at the tourist and business level, and as part of the exhibition, apart from exposing the Israeli tourist to world tourism, there are also transactions between the local and foreign businesses. The tourism industry in Israel is in difficult times, and this year the exhibition was born out of the willingness to grow the industry”.

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